Wednesday, January 7, 2009


early i know...but much later than it could have been. same ol' routine. I wake up to nothing and lie in my boredom. I gazed back and forth at my laptop, that was in arms reach, debating when I should open it up. Hesitant because I was sure I would never get off. Dibbled and dabbled through the net on my "computer phone" until I instantly got fed up with its speed. Grabbed the presario. I did what I had to do on facebook, which wasnt wasnt much, then nature called. Somehow I ended up here.

Ive realized that everyones reasons for seeking higher learning are different; despite what you may think. Yeah the overall objective of it is to get a G O O D job but that's not why everyone goes. Some people go for just that; a good education that will place them higher in the job market. Others to find a spouse. Many people end up going because their parents forced them to. My reason is undefined.

I met a girl from Germany and she didn't HAVE to go to college; well at least for the period of time that we do. She chose to...merely to play basketball. They take they're core classes in high school and in 2 years or less they learn their field & get a job. must be nice.

I guess overseas the people are more focused. Think about it. The first 2 years of our college careers are designed to give us an aspect of every field, so that we can decide what we want to do. We end up taking classes that we will never use, and waste valuable time on nothingness.
I have also realized that even if this day in age people are forced into doing things they don't necessarily want to do.

Ive noticed that the Business department at my school is one of the biggest buildings on campus. Why do you think that is? Not only because they have great Alumni who give back, but also because they have the most students. We grew up hearing that the only way to make good money was by owning your own business. What kind? doesnt matter. That may be slightly true but there are other options.

I strongly believe in loving what you do. Yeah, I loved working at Victorias Secret but no way in hell I want to be there for the rest of my life. If I am struggling to pay 7,000 dollars a semester you better believe that Im going to enjoy doing what I do.

Idk. I guess I just want others to know what I know & feel what I feel. I dont want anyones degree to go to waste because they didnt follow their dreams from the beginning.

p.s. dont ever eat a frozen salad.


Cat Hill said...

I love the way you write and my major is Psychology and my minor was going to be journalism coindence... but I stuck with something I enjoy which is Psychology but writing is my hobby...but you're a great writer. I love givin' props when their due...

Elise. said...

Thank you so much...
Hopefully you read this because I couldnt get to your profile.
Anyway it took me a while to even realize I could make this apart of my lifestyle. I think psychology plays a big part in writing because it forces you to think. Anyway thanks for reading!

Cat Hill said...

Aww ur welcome...but my blog is private now... but if u send me ur e-mail or write it here I can put u on my invite list so u can read my blog...My e-mail is: